67 percent of the Haitian population goes without food some days

Not the kind of news I like to report but... Here it is... The associated press is reporting that there a serious food problem in Haiti and that death from malnutrition amongst the Haitian population is imminent...

Believe me, I really hate seeing pictures of half naked black kids with yellow hair and big round bellies. I hate it more when they are images of children in the country I love.

But... Hell... I am not in a position to do anything about it...

Read the article: 2 out of 3 People Face Hunger as Haiti Woes Mount

I don't understand this... The land is still there... the same land that was once the richest colony in the Caribbean... Now Haiti is importing 80 percent of its food?

Read this... "Eighty percent of Haiti's rice -- and half of all its food -- is imported now," AP reports...

Read this... In 1997 some 1.2 million Haitians didn't have enough food to eat. A decade later the number had more than doubled. Today, that figure is 6.7 million, or a staggering 67 percent of the population that goes without food some days, can't afford a balanced diet or has limited access to food, according to surveys by the government's National Coordination of Food Security. As many as 1.5 million of those face malnutrition and other hunger-related problems.

You know something? Every time I try to add my two cents to this article, I end up deleting what I wrote... I don't like what I have to say...

So why don't you say something... Tell me what's on your mind reading this...

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Oxceva says...

Gade non: M'pa yon ekspè nan domenn sa-a non.Men; m'panse si moun ki responsab ak moun ki nan oganizasyon kap ramase kob nan non moun ki pov haiti te vle rezoud problem nan, men sa pou yo tafè:

Ankouraje production agricol pays a, mete disponib moyen pou plantè yo devlope agricuture, epi ashte recolte yo nan men yo ak bon pri, mete yo nan market, epi bay moun ki grangou yo yon ti kat pou yo ahte manje nan market.

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Barbara Murphy-bridge says...

* " I visited Haiti with a team from CGSD and CEISIN to explore some of the current constraints and opportunities in the agriculture sector.

The problems faced by Haitian farmers have been well documented; small land plots, limited access to agricultural inputs and improved technologies, disputed land tenure rights, degraded watersheds and low levels of government investment in agricultural research are among the many factors that have weakened the sector's output over the last few decades.

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