4 Haitians Face 20 years In Prison for FOCUS Ponzi Scheme

FOCUS on this... Four (4) Haitians, , Maxo Francois, Aiby Pierre-Louis and Maguy Nereus, are facing 20 years in prison and up to $16 million in fines if convicted. They have been charged by Federal Prosecutors of orchestrating an $8 million dollar Ponzi scheme famously known in South Florida as "FOCUS"

Did you know? The the past few years there has been a really big scandal in the Haitian community of South Florida centered around two companies:

Focus Development Center Inc. and Focus Financial Group Inc.

Tout la jounnen, nan radio, ou tande pale de FOCUS... FOCUS... FOCUS...

It was all a , a Haitian-American "affinity fraud" - Sa vle di... it was an investment scam FOCUSed on a specific ethnic group.

This is not the first time Haitians have been victims of ponzi schemes.

Listen my friend... It it sounds too good to be true... It probably is...


They targeted the Haitian community in South Florida and many of them lost their life savings.

They went to Haitian churches and on Haitian radio stations to make their sales pitch.

They promised more than 15 percent return on investment and scammed many Haitian-Americans out of an estimated 8 million dollars.

What do you know about this?

Did you loose any money in this Ponzi scheme?

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Josette Arnoux says...

who ever denouced these group needed a big aplause it is about time this vulnerable community cries out for help a nation once that was never count in prison back in the 70"s now our nation is in the lead for criminal activities, haitians what is happening Talk let some of our proffesional help you if you are stress out and drain.

we as leaders, and social worker we need to look strongly into this matter yes I am urging all of us who may have some social skill spychology counseling, teens realated issues to get involve or perhapes form a global coalition in wich all of us can participate.plus an out reach services and information services shall apply to better educate our society, please take good notes to amplify to our needs in with time we shall grow

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